Spi(Cy-Fi)lms is a series of responsive 4d works by the artist Cy-Fi, that aims to create solidarity between QTPOC through video, film, performance, animation, and other 4d mediums. This series is a part of the larger collective CraveMoreBK. The films from Series 1: Left Unsaid include 1 film created by Cy-Fi, 1 film created by Cy-Fi and her girlfriend Sid, and 1 film created by Cy-Fi, Sid, and the voices of other QTPOC close to the artist. This series will be presented at Bronx Art Space in collaboration with the exhibition, For Us on 4/13/18. In this physical space, the film series will be screened along with other works by QTPOC working in 4d, and will include a discussion with the artists and ways in which they can connect with one another after the screening. This series is an outstrecthed hand, from Cy-Fi to you, in which viewers can choose to listen, participate, and create their own works in response to the series.


Cy-Fi works in 4D mediums in order to create stories that have multi-layered and nonlinear narratives. She often speaks from her experience living as a queer person of color, and works to empower other QTPOC along with NYC native artists through her collective CraveMoreBK. She is building a 4D archive of works by QTPOC. While she is a filmmaker, a performance artist, and a musician, she strives to be a community activist as well.


www.cravemorebk.com, @spicy_films, @cravemorebk